My goal is to help businesses grow their reach and recognition through photography and social media!

I believe that having simple images of your product in lifestyle environments is key to showing people the value of what you sell. When people can picture using things in their everyday lives they start to wonder how they've lived without them so far!

I also think that in our current market having a beautiful and engaging Instagram is key to being successful in reaching new customers and keeping loyal ones that return again and again.

This is why I’ve created a package that combines photography with Instagram management to create an easy way to grow your brand’s reach and recognition!  

The package includes:

  • Professionally styled photos
  • A cohesive grid layout
  • Compelling captions
  • Relevant hashtags
  • Engagement with your followers on a daily basis
  • Analytics reports on how your Instagram is growing

What people are saying: 

When I see the posts each day, it’s such a weight off my shoulders to know that we’re being promoted constantly, our following is growing, and I hardly have to do a thing! Instagram especially feels so much more valuable than other forms of advertising, because every post is an ad that doesn’t feel like an ad. The posts help strengthen our brand and keep us ever-present in the minds of our customers.
— hello, cupcake

Hiring Effie for our social media management has been one of the best business decisions we have made. Her photography is beautiful and her posts have perfectly communicated the vision, image and feelings that we want our customers to have about our little ice cream company. I am certain that while I would have had the best intensions to try to manage our social media on my own, I would never have been able to maintain the same consistency and creativity that Effie has brought to the task. Her work has freed me up to focus on all the other important pieces to managing a successful business.
— Bliss Small Batch Creamery

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