Lizzy Mayz Furniture Boutique

Some friends and I were shopping on 6th Ave. recently and were peering in the windows of a shop that looked closed. We were just curious to see what was inside. As we continued walking we heard someone open the door and start calling after us to come in.  Inside we were delighted to find a beautiful little furniture boutique!  The owner, Jennifer, and her friends, had been brainstorming on some idea for her shop that was due to open soon.  They asked us what we, as customers, would like to see happen with the space. Immediately, I thought of hanging my art on her walls. Not long after, the plan was hatched and I was hurrying to print my bicycle photographs on canvas.  You may remember this post about them.  In addition to hanging my fine art in her shop, Jennifer hired me for some product photography! I was so excited to be able to help her out in this realm as well! Here is a photographic tour of her shop. Stop in some time and see it for yourself! 

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