2012 in Review

This year I have grown in many ways as a photographer.  One of the most influential experiences in this year was a trip to Europe in the Spring! I spent two months traveling around Switzerland, France, Italy and Greece. I stayed with some friends for a few weeks on the tip top floor of a hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland. This is the view that greeted me from my balcony!

Lausanne Cityscape.jpg

I took an overnight train to Venice where the intrigue of tiny canals winding in-between buildings held my camera's attention. And then there was Paris! Paris with it's Eifel Tower! Paris with it's carousels! Paris with it's side walk cafes! Paris, the "city of lights!"


We also made our way to Rome. Busy, dirty, wonderful Rome! We stayed there for about a week, found our favorite restaurant (which served free strawberry wine at the end of each meal) and wandered the streets around the Colosseum and the Pantheon. 


One of my favorite things to do while traveling was to climb any clock tower, cathedral, or monument and get a good look at the city from above! The architecture and the layout was so beautiful in every city. The following photograph was taken from the Piazzale Michaelangelo in Florence, Italy.


Despite the fact that it's been almost a year since I left for Europe, I have many more pictures to edit from the trip and many more to print and show.  One such series is pictures of bicycles that I photographed all over Italy. I am excited to print these on canvas and look forward to possibly showing them at a local coffee shop in the new year. Look for more information on that soon!

When I returned from my European adventure I got back into the swing of working my day job and shooting an ocasional family session on the side.  The first person to call me for photos when I returned was my dear cousin Leanne.  

I have loved getting to photograph her three growing boys often over the past few years.  I can't believe her oldest is already in 1st grade! And the little one is already running around playing with trucks and baseballs! I look forward to continuing to watch them grow over the years and hope that I get the opportunity to keep photographing them! 

VG Triptic.jpg

I also had the opportunity of photographing the Sullivan family with their newest addition, Abenego!  The Sullivan's adopted Abenego from Liberia this year.  He had a hard life there but they are delighted to welcome him as part of their family here.  I could see the excitement and love on their faces as I photographed them and it warms my heart!


Skipping ahead, the Wilson's hired me to capture Kelly's first pregnancy!  What an exciting time of life, welcoming your first baby to the world! I love that I get to celebrate so many happy things with people by capturing the best seasons of their lifes.


Summer brought a few weddings! I set up a simple photobooth for Maddie and Andrew.

Jen and Jd let me help capture their special day too! They got married on a beautifully sunny June evening.  
Dorland0086 copy.jpg

In July I got to help Kjerste and Derek welcome my niece, Annika Rose, by doing a little impromptu session one evening.

Annika Rose.jpg

And in August, Jesse and Brittany were married down at the Foss Waterway Seaport. Their send off was so fun with sparklers and a motorcycle! 


August and September were the best months my business has ever seen with a sudden burst of seniors! I greatly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of these seniors who will graduate this in June 2013.


Adriana has a fun retro flare to her style! She made a special request to drive out to Blue Willow Lavender Farm to take her pictures. I love that she wore her grandmother's dress for the shoot. I tried to capture her carefree, joyful personality in these shots. 


Adriana sent her best friend, Kelly, to me for portraits also! I am sure with her sweet personality and professional attitude Kelly will be successful in whatever she sets out to do in life.


Rahul (left) was shy at the beginning of his shoot but as we walked around Owens Beach taking pictures for a bit he opened up and was so nice and polite.  And Will (right) would become the President of the United States someday if he could. Unfortunately he wasn't born here so there's no chance of that, but in the meantime he is the ASB president at Bellarmine Preparatory School.


The last senior that I got to do a session for was Tiffany. She was very adventurous so it was a fun session on the train tracks and driving around North Tacoma taking pictures at places she spent much of her childhood exploring.

Tiffaney 3.jpg

In the midst of the seniors I got to do a few family sessions too! One for my cousins, who are raising support to join Mission Aviation Fellowship.  The other for my friend Melissa and her family. Melissa is a baker at hello, cupcake on top of welcoming a second little girl to their family. 


The fall brought an engagement session for Michael and Elaine in the leaves at Wright Park. Elaine and Michael are high school sweethearts who are getting married in the summer. I can't wait to shoot their wedding too!


Fall also held a last minute maternity shoot for my sister-in-law, just in time to welcome her first little girl! Soon after I got to take some pictures of little Olina Jane on the outside too! She looks just like her mama.

Olina Jane.jpg

And lastly, I got to take pictures of Valentin and Yeva and their little son Ben.  I was excited to finally do a session at Ft. Steilacoom Park with the barns in the background. It was a short session due to a chilly morning, but I was happy with the outcome! 


Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you all for the business in 2012. I am excited to see what this new year holds for Effie's Photography!